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Target’s holiday pride flak

Melissa Koenig

Target is facing backlash for “sexualizing” Christmas by releasing an LGBTQ+ holiday decoration line — which includes a “Pride Santa” and a “Pride Christmas Nutcracker Figure.”

The Nutcracker figurine is holding a “progress” flag, which merges the LGBTQ+ flag with others representing transgender individuals, and black and brown people, while the “Pride Santa” features St. Nicholas holding the rainbow Pride flag.

Also available for purchase online is a “Love is Love” ornament.

Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed the decor was “sexualizing Christmas for children.”

His guest on the show Thursday, swimmer Riley Gaines, also spoke out against the merchandise.

“Why do they keep pushing this? Who are they trying to appeal to?” Gaines asked.

“Because despite what the media portrays or how politicians are voting, this doesn’t represent the overwhelming majority of this country, really how the world, feels on this issue.”

Consumers’ Research also included Target in a “Woke Alert” for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, saying the retailer “continues to support woke policies” despite “backlash.”





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